Meet the Experts


Surmi - The Boss. Can be cute & lovable, can be a screaming bitch. It's her decision.
She recommends: Cats Love Big Bags, CatsBox, CatsClimber Collection, CatWheel II

Frosty - One word, Chill.
He recommends: ADOPT T-shirts, CatTail Teasers, PooPooPeeDo Box

Samba - The Princess, elegant, but demanding. Always hungry.
She recommends: Ant-Proof Feeders, Black Cats Matter, CatStruck Mugs, CatScratching Board, Taco Cat Beds, Quilted Yoga Mats

Dobby - The timid bully.  Likes to pick fights with the others, but scared of his own tail.
He recommends: Arched Scratching Post, CatsClimber Starter Set, Doyen Treat Dispenser, Spiral CatStaircase

This distinguished group of Experts tests all our products and we always listen to their opinions.  We've added some of the comments to each product page for your benefit. Trust them.

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