Who is ShopMeoow?

Back in 2013, cat-lovers Ron & Anita DeLelles were searching online for cool cat products. Like most cat parents, the task of pleasing their cats was a never-ending pursuit. They quickly realized it was difficult to find top-quality, stylish cat products and furniture. Ron is a graphic designer and values both aesthetics and functionality. But most cat products at the time were bland and uncreative. 

Then they discovered the Catswall Design company, owned by a like-minded family in Taiwan that just wanted to create great stuff for their cats! Ron & Anita decided to import these creative products for cat enthusiasts in the US. And they are committed to adding unique finds and original ShopMeoow products that meet their high standards of form and function.

ShopMeoow.com is a division of WOOF LLC, a partnership created to serve health-conscious pet-owners and their pets, located in St. George, UT. Visit their website at www.woofcenter.com to see the pet rehabilitation and training center.

Enriching cats' lives with an eye on design.


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