Anti-Ant Feeder

Catswall Design

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Elegant and functional in design.

8 Colors! 

The patented bottom channel design solves annoying ant problems. Your cat's food stays undisturbed by bugs and ants because they can't navigate the raised feeder.

Feeding with raised bowls protects a cat’s neck and joints by providing a more comfortable eating posture, especially for older cats. Our CatFeeders are made of strong plastic with a weighted base on no-slide rubber pads. Bowls are quality stainless steel.

Multiple feeders offer a great way to avoid food aggression within multi-cat households. The cat-shaped handle makes the Multi-Cat Raised Feeder easy to carry and clean, and less bending is required to pick it up off the floor.

Replacement Stainless Steel Bowls are available HERE.

Some assembly required.

2-Bowl Feeder 
11.9”(D) X 7.28”(W) X 11.41” (H)

3-Bowl Feeder 
11.61”(D) X 10.63”(W) X 11.41” (H)

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