PooPooPeeDo Litter/Shelter Box


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The Cat Litter and/or Shelter Box that is aesthetic and functional.

 The unique egg-shaped design commands attention, turning what is usually an eye-sore into a piece of art!  Bright Pop Art colors include green, orange and red. It’s also available in an understated black and white.

The paw-shaped handle at the top allows for easy opening and waste removal. Made entirely of ABS plastic, a smooth, high-quality material that resists the acidity of cat urine. Other litter boxes utilize lesser quality  Polypropylene. PooPooPeeDo is thoughtfully designed for you and your cat. Concealed beneath the lid is a clip to hold the Shovel Scoop and an Odor-absorbing Packet.

Buy a spare or replacement PooPooPeeDo Shovel Scoop Here.

Too beautiful for cat litter? Simply add a soft cushion and PooPooPeeDo may become your cat’s new favorite place to nap.

PooPooPeeDo – $120
27.5”(W) x 15.75”(L) x15.75”(H)
Opening is 7″x 8.25″
Approx. 8 lbs.

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