Q   Will my cat run on a CatWheel?
A   Many cats will love to run on the wheel.  After an introductory period, they will get comfortable with the movement and learn that they can move it by walking and running.  But, we all know cats, if a cat decides not to, it may choose not to use it.  We suggest a CatWheel for young, active, inquisitive cats, but not necessarily for older, overweight, or slower cats that don't enjoy chasing or running.  Exotic breeds like Bengals almost always will be active CatWheel runners.  Due to the expensive shipping costs, we do not accept returns because of non-use, so weigh your decision to purchase thoughtfully.

Q  How do you clean the pine CatsBoxes Catswall components? Are they acceptable for shelters?
A   The CatsBox and CatsWall components are made of solid pinewood. It's clear-coated with a non-toxic sealer (children furniture grade) so it is non-porous.  Mild cleaning solutions and disinfectants can be used and won't damage the finish. Many shelters feature Catswall products and clean them with Accel or similar disinfectants. We don't recommend soaking the CatsBox in water, but it is water-resistant and can be cleaned quite easily.

Q  Can I install the Modular CatsWall by myself?
A   We suggest allowing a few hours for the installation and having a helper as it tends to be a two-person job.  If you aren't so 'handy',  it may be necessary to hire a professional (or bribe a friend!) so that the CatsWall is hung securely.  Also, we recommend attaching a plywood base to the wall first with appropriate screws or wall anchors, then screwing the aluminum slat into the plywood with the flat-head screws provided. Contact us for complete installation instructions.

Q  Does the Ant-Proof CatFeeder require water in the base to keep ants away?
A  The base of our Cat Feeders has a channel 'moat' design to prevent ants from getting into the food bowls.  While you can add water into this channel, it is not required for it to be ant-proof. 

 Q  Why do you only sell one wand toy, the CatTail Teaser??
A  The CatTail Teaser is the finest of wand toys!  Its sturdy and extendable, with strong faux suede strands that drive cats crazy.  It holds up very well for years of use. It's the best and why we sell it.

Q  How do the CatsClimber shelves and CatsBoxes mount to the wall?
A  The CatsClimber components use cleverly designed 'pelican brackets'  The bracket mounts to the wall with 4 screws (make sure they hit a stud or use a drywall anchor. Then the shelves slide into the pelican bracket to hold the shelf. 

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