Q   Why is the CatWheel II so expensive?
A   The same reason an iPhone or BMW is. It's the finest available, combining top-quality design, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Rather than being a mass-produced product, each CatWheel is hand created in a labor-intensive process. Other 'snap-together' running wheels on the market tend to be plastic and not comparable to the quality of the CatWheel II by Catswall Design.  Watch the production process here: CatWheel Video.  It's not for everyone, but you do get what you pay for.

Q   Does the CatWheel II need to be assembled?
A   No.  The CatWheel II ships in one large box.  The wheel is one piece MDF wood fiberboard with a PVC vinyl tread.  You simply set the base on the floor and place the wheel on top and it's ready for your cat to enjoy! NOTE: Due to the carton size, this product will arrive by FedEx Freight (or a subsidiary). You will receive an advance call for a delivery time to be arranged as someone will need to be home to accept the CatWheel.

Q   What if my cat doesn't use the CatWheel?
A   Many cats will learn to run on the wheel after an introductory period where the get comfortable with the movement.  But not all cats will use it.  We suggest it for young, active, inquisitive cats, but not necessarily for older, overweight, slower cats that don't enjoy chasing or running.  Exotic breeds like Bengals almost always will be active CatWheel runners.  Due to the expensive shipping costs, we do not accept returns because of non-use, so weigh your decision to purchase it thoughtfully.

Q  How do you clean the pine CatsBox and CatCubby? Is it acceptable for shelters?
A   The solid pinewood is clear-coated with a non-toxic sealer (children furniture grade) so it is non-porous.  Mild cleaning solutions and disinfectants can be used and won't damage the finish. Many shelters feature Catswall products and clean them with Accel or similar disinfectants. We don't recommend soaking the CatsBox in water, but it is water-resistant.

Q  Is it difficult to install the Modular CatsWall?
A   We suggest allowing a few hours and having a helper as it tends to be a two-person job.  If you aren't 'handy',  it will be necessary to hire a professional so that the CatsWall is hung securely.  Also, we recommend attaching a plywood base to the wall first with appropriate screws or wall anchors, then screwing the aluminum slat into the plywood with the flat-head screws provided.

Q  Does the Ant-Proof CatFeeder require water in the base?
A  The base of our CatFeeders has a channel 'moat' design to prevent ants from getting into the food bowls.  While you can add water into this channel, it is not required for it to be ant-proof.