Who is Catswall Design?

DESIGN that complements your style.

Cat furniture doesn’t need to look out-of-place in your home. Catswall Design is committed to products that are aesthetically pleasing to both humans and cats.

The Modular Cat Climbing Wall, the CurvyNest, the CatWheel, the Multi-cat Raised Feeder and the CatScratch Board,  CatsCubby and the NEW CatsClimber Collection, among other cat products.

Catswall Design is an innovative Taiwanese company specializing in the development and manufacturing of stylish and functional cat furniture and supplies. Catswall has introduced a number of products including 

The concepts originated from the founders’ needs, having more than 20 cats of their own. In order to best facilitate cats and people living comfortably together, they combined innovative thinking with scientific observation. Each product undergoes rigorous real-life testing before going into mass production. The results are the products you see on this website.  This careful attention to detail insures top quality for you and your cats. Enjoy!


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