Taco Meow Cat Bed

Taco Meoow

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• with 3 Chili Pepper Catnip Toys •

And now for something completely different! Your Taco Meoow Cat Bed arrives folded closed, like a taco. Cats will enjoy crawling in to explore, or finding a snug place to hide. Beneath the soft fleece fabric is a layer of celophane which adds an enticing ‘cracking taco’ sound. 

To open your Taco Meoow Cat Bed, simply untwist the small red tomato pom poms and lay it flat like a tostada. Your cat can use it as a soft mat, on the floor, or on a chair or sofa. Flexible wire in the edge trim helps hold its shape, however you choose to shape it.

Taco Meoow Cat Bed comes with 3 potent Chili Pepper catnip toys, filled with high-quality organic catnip. It's everything you need to spice up your cat's Siesta time!

Measures 32" x 24" when flat,
24" x 15" folded