Cats Love Big Bags!

$ 12.00
Type: PLAY

Is it the crackle, or the kraft paper smell? Maybe it's just the great hiding spot - but cats love playing in bags!
We've created these fun 'Cat-Phrase' bags just for them, with holes cut in the sides for them to paw at your ankles as you walk by. And the brightly colored, crazy Cat-Phrases make for some hilarious social media posts! Tag us #shopmeoow to be featured on our page!
Extra-heavy, 150gm recycled paper holds up well for extra-frisky play. 3 Bags per set.
SET 1:
I like big bags, I cannot lie.
Born to be bagged.
Hey, I'm nappin' here.
SET 2:
Cat beds are for pussies.
Boxes are so over-rated.
Panic attack in progress!
Our customers love sending us pics of their cats loving our products!




      More to come soon...

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