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Our line of Catswall products are ideal for enriching cats' lives in shelters and rescue sanctuaries, as well as Boarding facilities and Cat Cafes.  Products like the Spiral CatStaircase, CatsLoft Series and Modular CatsWall Systems  are made to withstand daily wear-and-tear from multiple cats.

Cleaning and disinfecting are a top concern for our customers. The pine and birch wood used in our products has been sealed with children's furniture-grade clear coat, so that the wood is not porous.  This makes disinfection simple using Accel or other industry-standard disinfectants.  The CatScratching Board is the only exception, where the pine has not been clear-coated, but rather has been left unfinished.

Some facilities choose not to use rope-wrapped scratching posts because of disinfection concerns.  We recommend steam cleaning the Arched Scratching Post and Jute-wrapped posts of the Spiral CatStaircase.  The Spiral catStaircase is also available without Jute posts, if preferred.  be sure to make your preference at time of ordering.  

VIEW a list of Shelters that feature our products here for References.


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