Is Hiding Normal for Cats?

Is Hiding Normal for Cats?

Is Hiding Normal for Cats?

A previous Blog article is titled, “Keep Your Cat High (With A CatStaircase)”. In it we cover the behavioral necessity for cats to climb, and how crucial it is to their joint health later in life. In the following article we expand on this by explaining why it’s also equally important for a cat to have adequate hiding places in addition to their climbing structures.

Why Cats Needs To Hide

Hiding places give your cat time to calm down so they can begin to make the choice about when and how to venture out again. If they don’t have a place to hide, they’ll be less likely to feel relaxed enough to engage. A cat who feels backed in a corner without any choices is a cat who lashes out with bad behavior. When given the choice, a fearful cat will almost always seek to run and h

Even if your cat isn’t normally fearful, it’s still important to make sure there are adequate hiding places available in your home. If you have multiple cats, the availability of hiding places is absolutely crucial. There are times when a cat wants to be visible and there are times when they want to be invisible. Solo, companion, confident and less confident cats will all appreciate the availability of secure hiding places.

Reasons For Hiding...


Cats bond to territory and therefore are stressed by changes in the environment. To prevent unnecessary stress in your cat, keep their things such as feeding bowls, litter boxes and climbing trees in the same place. Keep in mind that we may like to change up the furniture but our feline friends do not.


Cats are both predator and prey, which makes them somewhat unique. Using physical punishment is never proper with cats because, like most of us, they respond to any type of threat with avoidance. Hiding is normal behavior for cats who want to avoid contact with a perceived threat. For example, some cats share better than others. If your cat must share their things with a housemate who is bullying your cat, they may be afraid of public places and choose to avoid conflict by hiding. Territorial aggression is normal in cats so be on the lookout for cat bully behavior.

Medical Issues/Pain

One thing to watch for is when your cat is found hiding in unusual spots, especially in a hunched, crouching position.  This can be a sign of  a cat in pain... Medical issues can be ruled out with a thorough veterinary exam that includes diagnostic lab work. A health screening will give you a plan of action should your cat become ill. If your veterinarian proclaims a healthy cat, then seek a behavioral explanation. 

Note: If you are local to Southern Utah, we encourage you to schedule a Wellness Assessment with our team of licensed small-animal massage therapist, and feline nutrition expert. They will assess your cat’s:

MOBILITY - Gait, posture, physical
NUTRITION - Food, treats & recommendations
BEHAVIOR - Temperament, personality, attitude

A Great Way To Hide Your Cat:

Cat furniture doesn’t need to look out of place in your home. ShopMeoow is committed to products that are aesthetically pleasing so you
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CatsCubby is made from natural pine with PVC woven fiber ‘curtains’. These durable fiber strands may also provide some entertainment for playful cats to paw at. The recessed casters on the bottom are weight-sensitive. They lock when your cat is inside, for stability.  

On top of CatsCubby is a great spot to perch. Or, the top of CatsCubby is removable, for quick & easy cleaning. Clear-coat sealing makes it easy to disinfect. We invite you to check out some of our other cat products below that fulfill your cat's hiding instinct.


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