Why Play Time Is Important For Your Cat

Why Play Time Is Important For Your Cat

Why Play Time Is Important For Your Cat

It’s no secret that our cats are finely tuned killing machines who have been hardwired to torture and kill their prey. While your cat doesn’t have to hunt for their food, they still need the mental and physical stimulation. A great way to meet their needs and strengthen your bond is with playtime!

Cats are intelligent creatures who require mental stimulation to thrive. Most cat owners are aware that their feline loves to play but don’t understand the role of play in a cat’s development, or the importance they have in encouraging their cat to play.

Activities help maintain a healthy body weight and keep the muscles toned and strong. Playtime for your cat also reduces stress by discouraging anxiety and keeping their mind alert and active. Having an active daily routine which promotes health and happiness is necessary for a happy and healthy cat.

Playtime is also a great tool for cats who aren’t innately affectionate with humans. Short play sessions, when paired with positive reinforcement, provide your kitty with a predictable and enjoyable way to interact with you.

How To Know Your Cat Needs Playtime

A cat’s need to play can be expressed in many ways, some more positive than others. For instance, a cat who needs to claw but doesn’t have a sufficient scratching board may very well use curtains or the couch to fill that need. Here are some ways to know your cat needs playtime:

  • Chasing or fighting with other household animals
  • Creating their own stimulation, such as tearing up furniture
  • Sudden, rapid movements
  • Eating too much or too little
  • Being lethargic or loud
  • Crouched posture, ready to pounce

The ShopMeoow Way To Play



Even though your cat doesn't have to hunt for food, they still need an outlet for that prey instinct. A great way to fulfill this need is by letting them “work” for their meal through a treat dispenser. The DoyenCat Treat Dispenser is a self-balancing, wobbling figure with distinctive animal ears and food dispenser that will keep your cat engaged as they play for their treat. Playtime doesn’t stop when the treats are gone! The design features a unique chamber to hold an enticing herb such as catnip or anise seeds to entertain your pet for hours.

Teasing & Leaping

A cat’s natural instinct is to hunt, so toys that are quick moving can be great for honing in on that drive. Using a hand-held teasing wand is the perfect way to accomplish this, while also bonding with your kitty. The CatTail Teaser wand is an aluminum extendable cat toy that cats simply can't resist. The handle extends from 10 to 47 inches, for the high-flying felines who love to leap in the air. The hand-braided, faux suede teaser cord is very durable, unlike wand toys using feathers or ribbon. Cats can chase it, catch it and chew it -- but rarely destroy it. Tie on a Chili Pepper filled with organic catnip for extra fun!

Cats Love Big Bags (And They Cannot Lie)

Is it the crackle or the kraft paper smell? Maybe it's just the great hiding spot - but cats love playing in bags. We've created these fun 'Cat-Phrase' bags just for them, with holes cut in the sides for them to paw at your ankles as you walk by. And the brightly colored, crazy Cat-Phrases make for some hilarious social media posts! We promise, your friends will love seeing the photos you’ll get of your “cat in the bag”! Tag us #shopmeoow to be featured on our Instagram!

Whatever type of play you choose for your cat, it’s important their playtime involves YOU. It’s a great way for you to get to know your cat’s personality and to build a strong relationship with your cat. With some imagination and a commitment to spend some time each day on your cat’s activity, you will find that both you and your cat are enjoying a healthier and more joyful life.

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