Keep Your Cat High (With A CatStaircase!)

Keep Your Cat High (With A CatStaircase!)

Keep Your Cat High (With A CatStaircase!)

Cats have a strong instinct to climb, compelling them to seek out high places even when you and your pack aren’t around. From a raised step, they're able to observe their territory without worrying about predators, and can keep an eye out for prey. Our Spiral Staircase is the purrfect perch for your kitty, both for hunting and protection.

Let’s Get Vertical

Cats are tree-climbing mammals that descended from Proailurus, the first true cat. Those early cats were hunters who lived in the rain forests. Their claws enabled them to climb skillfully, escaping into trees for safety or climbing up high to wait for prey. In other words, climbing had survival value and became hard-wired as a way of life for cats.

Cats climb for safety, and just for the fun of it. Their flexible musculoskeletal system gives them exceptional coordination and balance, and enables them to jump up high. Strong muscles in the hindquarters and back enable a cat to leap several times their own length.

“The easiest and safest way to create climbing options for an indoor cat is to purchase...a cat tree,” says Pam Bennett-Johnson, an author and certified cat behavior consultant.. “A sturdy cat tree will allow a cat to both climb or jump to the top and a tree with multiple perches at various heights...will allow more than one cat to share a small space and still maintain any established status.”

A High Cat Is A Safe Cat

Because of their evolution, cats feel safe up high. In addition to being out of reach of dogs and other dangers, kitties can observe the bustle around them, and spot potential threats quickly. Being up high means one less angle to worry about. It’s also a way for your cat to spot their BFF, allowing playful tussling. Being up high allows your cat to:

  • Plan an escape
  • Remain silent and hidden
  • Prepare to attack
  • Determine whether the approaching animal or human is a threat

Who’s The Boss??

In a multicat environment, a higher ranking cat may choose the highest location to display their positioning in the group. When there is tension between cats and a possibility of aggression, a higher ranking cat may go to an elevated location to show status. This ability to display rank can often be enough to thwart a fight.

Soft kitty, Warm kitty, Little ball of fur…

A frequently overlooked benefit of vertical territory is temperature. Even cozy cat beds might be chilly if placed on the floor with the potential for drafts. Because heat rises, top steps and high shelves can become cozy places on cold winter days. Perches located on the top of cat trees are farther from the draft and closer to the rising warm air.

Stairway To Heaven

16 birch wood steps featuring aluminum trim, spiral to an overall height of 82 5/8". That’s almost 7 feet of height! The Spiral CatStaircase has a stainless steel support pillar to insure stability, and attaches firmly to the wall with screws at the top of the pillar. The jute-wrapped support post provides claw sharpening opportunities, (optional without jute as well).

Contemporary Design

Shopmeoow is all about enhancing the life of the modern, indoor cat, while keeping your home beautiful & fresh. The innovative design of the Spiral CatStaircase is sleek enough to fit seemlessly into any room of your home. Your cats & guests alike will love this piece!

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