TacoCat (Bed)

TacoCat (Bed)

TacoCat (Bed)

Taco Cat Spelled Backwards Is Taco Cat

If you are one of the many people out there who loves tacos, then there is one thing you know about these iconic Mexican dishes: they are delicious. If you are one of the many people who happens to love tacos and cats, this is the article is for you.

According to NationalTacoDay.com, Americans ate 4.5 billion tacos last year. The supreme dish quickly made its way from our mouths, into the heart of pop-culture. From Taco Tuesday, to Kit Kat quesadillas, the taco has become one of the most talked about foods of 2018. What do tacos have to do with cats, you ask? We give you: “tacocat”, a phrase that no matter which direction you spell it, it still says the same thing: tacocat.

Taco Meets Cat

If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent hours watching cat videos online. The fluffy kittens and silly cats are examples of the pride we take in sharing our feline friends on social media. One particular Taco Tuesday, our team was watching yet another cute cat video when we thought to ourselves, “What’s better than cats and tacos?” NOTHING. “What if we could combine the two?” MAGIC.

No, we didn’t start cooking up cat tacos.

Yes, we did design the most perfect bed for your feline.

The Taco Meow Cat Bed

Beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and of course- your cat! Soft fleece covers a layer of cellophane to add an enticing “taco crunch”, and the bed arrives folded closed- just like a taco! Red tomato pom-poms twist together to keep the taco folded, or untwist and it opens flat like a tostada- or, catstada, if you will. The Taco Bed comes with three potent chili pepper catnip toys that are filled with organic catnip. It’s everything you need to spice up your cat’s siesta time!


The Taco Cat Bed is a purrfect way to make your kitty a social media star. We suggest following these tips to get the best shot of your cat-filled taco in action!

  • Play
    • Instead of towering over your cat, get down low with them. Play with their favorite toys and get them to move around. Be sure to have your camera or phone handy so you can snap some shots while you are on the floor.
  • Lighting & Background
    • Early morning and afternoon are great times for natural lighting. Place the bed so that your back is to a window, allowing the light to shine toward your cat. The best backgrounds are plain walls, where your cat’s coat can really pop.
  • Hashtags!
    • #tacocat and #shopmeoow are musts when posting your kitty-quesadilla. To be featured in our stories, tag #tacocatbed

The Taco Cat Bed is a favorite of cats and kittens everywhere. Keep your cat cozy and comfy, while impressing your friends and followers. Order today!

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