CatsClimber Collection

The CatsClimber Wall-Mount Collection attach directly to your wall to create a vertical cats' playground!  Give your cat(s) the freedom to roam and explore their home with the new CatsClimber Wall.  Place near pot shelves or bookcases so they can navigate the room from above. Great for small apartments where cats can get the exercise and mental stimulation they need.

You might want to begin with the CatClimber Collection STARTER KIT and add-on as needed. You can also purchase each component separately to customize your cat playground!

Top-quality construction includes no-visible screws, rounded corners, sturdy & durable components.

Choose any combination of

CatsClimber Steps, Left or Right-facing
CatsBox in 3 Door Designs
Climber Passages
in 4 sizes. 

Assembly required
Ships in 4-6 weeks

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