Welcome To NewsMeoow

Welcome To NewsMeoow

Welcome To NewsMeoow

We really want to welcome you to our blog because it’s not so much about us—as it is about cat devotees who want to make smart decisions for their furry friends.

There are tons of blogs showcasing grooming tips or how-to DIY cat toys, but we’re taking a different approach: We want to help you figure out the best things you can do to improve the lives of your felines. We’ll help you understand what types of cat furniture and toys are best, while offering nutritional and behavioral tips.

And we’re hoping you’ll join in the conversation, too. Send us your topic ideas; tell us what you like and don’t like; share your kitty tips.

Fosters, shelters, and rescues, oh my! Each of our pack members volunteer their time at local animal rescue center or shelters. Our director of social media has fostered over 50 animals in the past year, and our partners regularly foster special needs felines. We also keep a great relationship with reputable, responsible breeders.

Who are we? We’re a pack of cat enthusiasts, and even have a certified feline nutritionist, and LMT certified animal massage therapist on staff! We’ve been loving, rescuing, and owning cats for over 30 years, and are here to share our knowledge and feline-obsessions with you! Our team is diverse, but we all have this in common: We want to make the smartest, best decisions about our cats.

So join in the excitement. Follow our blog for the top feline tips.


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