Extra time?  Volunteer your services to a Rescue Group or shelter.

Extra time? Volunteer your services to a Rescue Group or shelter.

Extra time? Volunteer your services to a Rescue Group or shelter.

With the current sheltering-at-home mandates, you likely have some extra time on your hands. Instead of watching Netflix and eating too much, there's some things you can do for your local Animal Rescue Groups and Shelters.

If your local area permits, donating your time caring for pets-in-need is a very rewarding and valuable service. Playing with the cats and cleaning litterboxes are welcomed activities, but it can much deeper than that. Are you the handy type?  No doubt there's some small repair projects - maybe even building a new cat enclosure, dog houses, or hanging some cat shelves. And shelters will always welcome a new coat of paint with an updated color scheme to spruce up the cat rooms.

Photography skills are invaluable capturing stills & videos of the adoptable cats & dogs.

But if you are limited to working from home, there's many specialized skills needed on a volunteer basis. Computer skills with Excel for example, can help organize the shelter's intake and out-going adoptions with a spread sheet. Creative writers can make a world of difference for newsletters and email blasts. Perhaps you can even help name the abandoned pets arriving at the shelter. 

Photoshop experts can clean-up cat & dog photos, remove cluttered backgrounds & enhance pics to make adoptable pets look their best.

Social Media enthusiasts can donate time updating Facebook and Instagram pages, attracting more 'likes' and followers, perhaps even placing FB ads or creating Pinterest Boards. 

So why not use your extra time to benefit homeless pets?  It's definitely a win-win-win  -- for you, the Rescue Group and the animals.


  • I am willing to foster kittens. Who can I contact?

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