Julie King, our Spotlight Customer

Julie King, our Spotlight Customer

Julie King, our Spotlight Customer

Julie King from Wisconsin is a true cat lover. She has 13 cats, 6 live in her home and 7 live at her workshop, helping her with paperwork and daily tasks. Julie needed something to keep her cats healthy, active and out of trouble —the answer was the CatWheel II fromShopMeoow.com. "The wheel is safe and sturdy," said Julie, "no pinch points for kitty paws to get trapped in and no fear of falling over when my cats leap off at full speed.

 But there was a problem... Swiper. Swiper loves his wheel and uses it frequently, and Swiper doesn't like to share. If another cat even thinks of using HIS wheel, he chases them off.  Her older kitties do not care for the wheel, too cool for that, but when Julie got a couple of young kittens at her workshop, she decided that they should have a wheel to play on as well. So Julie, being a wonderful cat mom, did the only thing she could and bought a second CatWheel II. The kittens took to the catwheels instantly and have never looked back.Julie said it's the best way to keep cats fit and out of mischief. Being all indoor cats with outside catios, they need to burn off energy and keep their minds active. The CatWheel II is ideal for multi-cat households or rescues and shelters for the health and well being of the cats. 

Julie does not only share the love with her kitties, she also helped her local rescue, Feline Friends, purchase a CatWheel. Adoptable shelter cats and kittens can play and interact in a healthy environment, thus cutting down on behavior issues and territorial fights in cat rooms. The CatWheel II is a great conversation piece among visitors to the shelter, and allows for engagement for the staff and volunteers to interact with the cats.

Julie also uses Catswall Design Raised Ant-proof feeders in her home. Her husband helps with the cat care, but back issues prevent him from bending down. With the tall, decorative handles on the feeders, he can pick them up with no trouble and the cats enjoy meals together with no squables. ShopMeoow is happy to have Julie as a great customer and applauds her charitable work with Feline Friends.

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