Replacement Stainless Steel Bowl

$ 6.00

A spare bowl means always having a clean one! 

These are the same, quality stainless steel bowls that fit our Multi-Cat Raised Feeders. Purchase one or more to make your life simpler and ensure that your cat always has a clean, sanitary bowl to eat from.  CHOOSE from Standard or NEW SHALLOW BOWLS are available.
Shallow bowls are recommended if your cat demonstrates 'whisker fatigue' by taking food from the bowl and eating it off the floor.  For some cats, the feel of their whiskers rubbing the side of the bowl may be unpleasant.

5”(Diameter) X 1 5/8” (Standard Depth)

5”(Diameter) X 1 1/4” (Shallow Depth)

Our customers love sending us pics of their cats loving our products!



      More to come soon...

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