CatScraper Tower

$ 245.00
The CatScraper Tower has been discontinued by the manufacturer. But we have one last small shipment coming...

Once gone, there will be no more!

Scratching is an important, beneficial and quite natural behavior for cats. Yes, scratching is kitty’s method of sharpening claws, like a hunter honing his blade
In addition to conditioning the claws, it’s a very effective way for cats to stretch back and shoulder muscles, something we should do more often. 
Unfortunately...this often occurs on our sofa and chairs...but no more!
Our beautifully sculpted CatScraper Tower is made of natural pine and aluminum. It's durable, sturdy and attractive (to look at AND to scratch if you're a cat!). It's nearly 20lbs, and tough enough to provide years of use for fortunate cats.
Each side has 3 removable scratching panels. These can be re-arranged or replaced if they should ever become worn, but that will take a lot of scratching!
15 3/4" x 15 3/4" x 37" (height)
Our customers love sending us pics of their cats loving our products!



      More to come soon...

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