Cat Scratch Non-Slip Pads
$ 15.00
Cats Love Big Bags!
$ 12.00

Spiral CatStaircase

$ 899.00
For upwardly mobile cats...
We offer the Spiral CatStaircase by Catswall Design. A stainless steel support pillar insures stability.  16 birch wood steps with aluminum trim, spiral to an overall height of 82 5/8". The CatStaircase attaches firmly to the wall with screws at the top of the pillar. And a jute-wrap provides claw sharpening opportunities on the support posts (optional without jute as well - please specify). 
Cats love to find high places to oversee their territory. This provides those perches - or helps cats access tops of bookcases or pot shelves. And most importantly, it's an attractive focal point for any room.
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