CatWheel II

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Our original 'open-wheel' design is now the industry standard.  CatWheel II features an upgraded base with outside-edge casters for a quieter, smoother rotation. Less contact to the surface of the wheel means less visible wear.

The simplistic design of the CatWheel II allows up to three cats to run & play at the same time, and jump on or off from both sides. The look is streamlined, elegant, contemporary. One-piece construction makes our CatWheel much quieter and more stable -- unlike some plastic, snap-together wheels.

CatWheel II arrives in one carton, no assembly, no seams or joints to come apart. MDF fiberboard is rigid and heavy for a smooth, controlled rotation.  Suitable for all breeds, large and small. Especially ideal for exotic breeds (Bengal, Ocicat, Savahanna, Sphynx, Toygers) that love to run and require more exercise. 

CatWheel II  is a sturdy, functional piece of cat art!  It comes with the reliability of a one-year full replacement warranty

Please understand: older, timid or lethargic cats may not take to the CatWheel – however, if your cat is active and inquisitive, with time, they will learn to enjoy running or playing in the wheel.

50" x 46 1/2" x 13 3/4" in the base, 35lbs.

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